Elin's Final Straw — Why She Would Attack Tiger

Thu, December 3, 2009 2:33am EST by Add first Comment


Looks like Elin Nordegrin had it up to here with Tiger’s philandering ways – can’t say we blame her!

There’s only so much one woman can take. After three of Tiger Wood’s alleged mistresses came out of the woodwork in one week, it’s no wonder Elin lost her cool. But not only did she break her hubby’s phone and allegedly smash his car windows, Tiger wouldn’t even let Floridian authorities into their home because of the visible damage.

We know you’re no fading flower, Elin. You’ve got the gumption to actually call Tiger’s rumored lovers and freaked him out so badly that he even reportedly asked one of the ‘other women’, Jaimee Grubbs, to change her voicemail!

We do wonder why you’re letting your anger get so physical though. Do you feel like you have nothing left to lose at this point?

“It shows how hurt she is, because the more hurt someone is, the more angry they get,” says psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman. “It seems as though she has been suspicious of his cheating for awhile and that, finally, she had some more evidence. She was humiliated and other people are confirming what she suspected all along.”

We bet you felt enough is enough, El. We get it. “It finally got to a point where Elin couldn’t believe his lies anymore. I’m sure she feels hurt, humiliated and confused. There is no way now he can continue to deny it,” adds Lieberman.

Well one thing’s for sure — hell really hath no fury like a woman’s scorned.

Chloe Melas

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