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Tiger Woods' Vague Statements Only “Raise More Questions” Says An Expert

Wed, December 2, 2009 12:43pm EDT by Add first Comment


Tiger Woods is insisting on privacy during this scandalous chapter in his life … but his request will never be granted!

With a hungry public desperate for answers about the Golden Guy of Golf, “Tiger’s statements have done nothing but raise more questions,” says celebrity publicist Shawn Sachs, CEO of p.r. firm Sunshine, Sachs & Associates.

“It’s one thing not to answer every question [the public has], but if you act like you are being cute towards the public, it’s not going to be like that.”  Tiger has released two statements, one asking for privacy, and another, just today, which only vaguely refers to his extra-marital affairs.

It’s clear that Tiger has gotten by on his squeaky-clean image for so long, he doesn’t even have a crises manager or publicist who is prepared to deal with the brewing scandal that surrounds him!

Tiger will recover because “everybody likes a winner,” Sachs insists, but, he does have some advice for how the golfer can get himself out of the Woods.

“I wouldn’t put out those [vague] statements.  I would have said ‘there will be more to discuss later’ instead of releasing such an emotional statement.”

But there is a good reason Tiger is avoiding commenting on every new update.  “Tiger sould not make a comment every time another girl comes out,” Sachs said.  “Have one conversation to set the record straight or make one statement and then that’s it. [Not doing that] gives the impression that something else is going on.”

Yeah, Tiger! It’s time to set the record straight.  Were you with these other women … or not?