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Tiger, Are You A Sex Addict?

Wed, December 2, 2009 4:10pm EDT by 1 Comment


Our expert says you may be sexually compulsive.

Hey Tiger Woods, now that you’ve vaguely confessed to misbehavior, it’s time for us to ask a difficult question — could you be a sex addict? New York Times best-selling author Ian Kerner says that while words like “addict” may be too harsh to throw around, it’s fair to say that you may have a serious sexual compulsion.

“Celebrities and sports figures do tend to lead very exciting lives,” he says. “They get habituated to high levels of excitement, which has a lot to do with the brain and dopamine transmissions, so it is possible … that acts out in his sex life as well.”

Labeling you as a “sex addict” would give you an easy out, Kerner says, because a sex addict by definition is a person who is so consumed by sex that they’re essentially unable to control their own sexual behavior. You’re definitely in control here!

“People who cheat enjoy the danger and the thrill — the possibility of getting caught,” Kerner says. “That’s a big thing that drives cheaters, usually on an unconscious level. Most cheaters think they’re covering their tracks, but the more public you are, the more you need to worry about getting caught.”

And Kernan says it’s definitely a possibility that you may have more alleged mistresses than just the three we’ve heard about. “Just like some people are serial monogamists, it’s possible he could be a serial cheater, Kernan says, “moving from one girl to the next.”

Tiger, it’s time for you to man up and get some professional help! Take Kernan’s advice: “I would recommend that he go into marital therapy with his wife to discuss whatever underlying issues are causing him to be unfaithful,” he says.