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Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, We Saw You In Chicago Last Night — And You Were Sensational!

Wed, December 2, 2009 12:36pm EDT by 3 Comments


Soak it all in, Ash — you deserve the applause!

Forget that time she lip-synched on “Saturday Night Live.” Forget that time she was booed at at the Rose Bowl. Ashlee Simpson-Wentz CAN sing live — and you should see her do the Charleston! We were lucky enough to see Ashlee up close at last night’s performance of Chicago on Broadway, and she wowed us from her first wraspy note to her standing ovation-inspiring final bow.

Watching Ashlee act on stage was like watching a 1920s cartoon character come to life! Part Betty Boop, part Olive Oil, Ashlee had the audience in stitches with every goofy face and whip-smart zinger. Her performance was basically the flipside of how Renée Zellweger portrayed criminal-of-passion Roxie Hart in the 2002 film version of Chicago — and we loved her all the more for it!

But the best part about watching Ashlee perform was that you could really tell she was having the time of her life doing what she loves. If you pay attention to the details, the often overlooked interactions between Ashlee and the company members, you’ll catch little smiles and winks from both sides — proof that everyone loves having Ashlee along for the ride.

And no one was chummier with Ashlee than Deidre Goodwin, who currently plays Roxie’s rival, Velma Kelly (though “30 Rock” fans probably know Deidre better as DeBORah, the ferocious and hilarious winner of “MILF Island.”) The two giggled and exited the stage with their arms around each other’s waists as the orchestra — and the audience’s uproarious applause — played them off.

If Ashlee needed any further proof of her fans’ appreciation for her performance, she got it when she exited the stage door after the show. A swarm of excited theatergoers waited with pens and playbills in hand for their chance to meet the leading lady. And as she shook hands and signed autographs, Ashlee was also greeted by something you don’t normally see at a Broadway show — paparazzi!