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Obama Crashers — Stop Blaming The Salahis, We Should Be Thanking Them! Bonnie Says!

Tue, December 1, 2009 9:31am EDT by Chloe Melas 2 Comments

I don’t care whether Tareq Salahi and his wife Michaele were invited to the White House state dinner — I hope they weren’t!

That’s because they’ve done us Americans all an enormous favor. Now we all know that our President and his wife and family are not being properly protected by the Secret Service. I and every American should be appalled by this horrendous security breach! If two determined reality-show wannabees can waltz into the White House with a camera crew, no less, and apparently a Bravo TV producer in tow and hobnob with the political hoi polloi and shake hands and chat with the President, then God knows who else can get close to President Obama.

What’s the big deal about whether or not the Salahis had an invitation? Who cares? People crash events and parties at clubs and weddings … all the time. It’s practically an American pastime. The White House is the house of the people and in fact why shouldn’t every American think they can go and see the President and attend one of his parties. This is a democracy, and it’s not against the law to crash a party.

As far as I’m concerned, the only people that should be outraged by the Salahis crashing the state dinner are the highfalutin arbiters of etiquette. After all, the biggest crime here is that it’s not good manners to invite yourself to a party where the host and hostess haven’t extended the invitation. Anyway, all this brouhaha about the invite is just a distraction from what really matters here — that the Secret Service SUCKS! They fell down on the job and we now had a safe wake-up call in this matter of high national security. Thank goodness for would-be reality stars with chutzpah the size of Manhattan.

The big question is — and I’m directing this at you, Rahm Emanuel, as the Prez’ right-hand man: Do you have the balls (not just the potty-mouth) to fire each and every person who should have made sure the Prez was basically in an impenetrable bubble at all times.

As for Salahis, I think they have no reason to apologize — they’ve earned their reality show! I’ll watch it, wouldn’t you? — Bonnie Fuller