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We Feel For You, Elin: You & Tiger Can Get Through This Tough Time! Here's How …

Mon, November 30, 2009 5:30pm EDT by 1 Comment


Elin, we know you’re going through mega-stress! No matter what rumors and reports are going on out there, you can make your marriage stronger. We spoke with Los Angeles-based psychotherapist, Dr. Nancy Irwin, who works closely with professional golfers and their families, and she assures us: “Tiger and Elin can make their [family] work!”

Elin, here are some tips for you and Tiger to try to get back on track:

  1. Seek professional help: “Of course they’re going to want to get some marital counseling to see what’s missing and what’s leading him to stray [if that turns out to be true.] It could be sexual dissatisfaction, or they could simply be growing apart.”
  2. Make her feel special: “It’s very hard being Mrs. Tiger Woods when he’s getting all the attention. Sometimes when people marry into that, they have a lack of their own sense of self.”
  3. Elin, let Tiger know he needs to spend more “We” time with you!“He should spend more time with Elin, and be more open. Maybe all she needs is more one-on-one time with him.”

Even if those reports that Tiger and Rachel had a relationship are true, Dr. Irwin says Tiger and Elin can work things out. “Some couples are able to work through these problems, and sometimes it can actually strengthen their relationship,” she says. “They can see what’s been weak and they can work on that. Other couples have an irrational belief that nothing is ever supposed to go wrong, so when it does, they tend to separate more easily.”

Elin — you can and will get through! All it takes is taking a little good counsel!

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