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Shame on You David Hasselhoff & Pamela Bach! Your Poor Daughters! — Bonnie's Take!

Mon, November 30, 2009 11:25am EDT by Bonnie Fuller Add first Comment

113009_hasselhoff_544_76359620_77009161What kind of poor excuses for parents are you two? What kind of a Thanksgiving weekend did you give to your two teen daughters , Taylor- Ann 19 and Hayley Amber, 17? A horrible, torturous , lonely weekend – that’s what! Instead of being there for them, having a lovely family weekend and focusing on their needs, hopes and dreams – they had to agonize over both of YOU!

David — according to, you had to be taken by ambulance to Cedars-Sinai medical Center in LA on Fri, Nov 27 after having seizures, induced by excessive alcohol consumption. Seizures! That’s a hell of a lot of drinking – a several day bender according to . Not only that, it was probably your poor daughter Hayley who found you and actually called the ambulance. She apparently was at home and followed the ambulance to the hospital, crying in her car! Reportedly, you were actually picked up and held under the California Welfare and Insitutions Code 5150 that allows authorities to take into custody and hold people that could be a danger to themselves. Radar says you were finally released on Sunday afternoon — you spent the whole weekend in the hospital!

Then there’s you, Pamela. You were arrested on a DUI charge on Saturday night!

You had a blood alcohol readings of .14 and .13 on breathalyzer tests. The legal limit is .08. Really — did you have to hit the bottle too this weekend? I know you had a bitter divorce from David, but honestly couldn’t you be there for your two daughters, who were probably on hospital watch all weekend with their dad? I know you weren’t awarded custody of the girls, but that doesn’t get you off the parenting hook!

David and Pamela — your alcohol issues have put your daughters through hell for years! David – you’ve had a LONG history of alcohol abuse – so long and clearly so torturous for Taylor Ann and Hayley Amber — that Hayley actually infamously filmed you in a drunken stupor trying to eat a hamburger in 2007 (see below)! That’s how desperate she was to try and save you, her father’s life.

So Mr. Hasselhoff and Mrs. Ex-Hasselhoff — get SERIOUS treatment. Commit yourselves to it, for the sake of your daughters! You’ve already given them an unstable childhood and teenagehood. Daughters with alcoholic fathers often spend their entire lives searching for replacement father figures — alcoholics are so narcissistic that they have little actual and attention for their children. It’s time, David, to give up your selfish boozing and be there as a dad to your two lovely daughters!

—Bonnie Fuller