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J.Lo: Your Embarrassing Spanking Tapes Could Be Exposed — What Can You Do?

Mon, November 30, 2009 12:42pm EDT by Chloe Melas 4 Comments


Jennifer Lopez, hopefully third time’s a charm with hubby Mark Anthony — because your first husband Ojani Noa is doing you dirty.

You guys were married for less than a year but according to Ojani that’s enough time to accumulate 11 hours of sex tapes. The tapes include J.Lo being spanked on her honeymoon — this could really mess up your life and it’s beginning to show : “Ojani Noa’s threat to release J.Lo’s sex tape has already so unnerved her that she took an uncharacteristic misstep at the AMA awards. This may well be only the beginning of the ‘fall’ she will take emotionally if the tapes are released, ” says psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman.

The nerve of this guy — Ojani is planning on releasing the tapes Tuesday, Dec. 1 the day your temporary restraining order expires. Poor J.Lo, this is just awful! The release of these tapes could even mess with your marriage: “Bringing up her past sex life has literally thrown her off kilter, and may well cause problems in her current marriage. No man likes to see his wife in sexually compromising scenes with another man,” says Dr. Carole.

Of course, Jenny isn’t the first person to let herself get shot in a very compromising position — remember Paris Hilton, Pam Anderson, Kim Kardashian, and any number of other celebrities whose sexual exploits have been exposed by exes.

Why do you guys let your men video tape you in the first place? “They are doing it to satisfy their narcissism and their sexual desires. It can be very titillating and can heighten sexual pleasure to feel that you are so desirable that your man wants to preserve this moment,” dishes Dr. Carole.

What’s done is done — we hear you’re suing him for $10 million in damages but he’s counter suing you in the amount of $100 million?! It turns out you’re not his only target — he’s after your mom, dad, lawyer and a business partner all for supposedly getting in the way of the production of these sex tapes. That’s outrageous!

This is not cool — we hope that tomorrow in court you take this guy for everything he’s worth! — Chloe Melas