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Shame on You, Hailey Glassman!

Fri, November 27, 2009 8:33pm EDT by 1 Comment


Hailey Glassman is one Bitter Betty, but that’s no reason to be so trashy!

Jon Gosselin’s estranged girlfriend Hailey Glassman is definitely one unhappy camper since her ex reneged on his promise that they’d spend Thanksgiving together, but that’s still no excuse for her latest gaffe.

Hailey has a foolproof way for getting the most out of Black Friday shopping — and it ‘s pretty darn awful.

“Today is the shopping day that if u or ay of ur friends/Grandmas know someone with a Handicappedd Parking Permit you call them to go! – LOL” she tweeted this afternoon.

SO un-PC! And Hailey is definitely taking some heat for her horrible comment. Her followers on Twitter didn’t have second thoughts about giving her a piece of their minds, causing Hailes to respond with a flurry of tweets.

“Eh – I hate having 2 clarify myself now with things I say, but I meant not truly handicapped, like if a friend broke something ‘temporarily’ etc” she tried to correct, adding, “People if u get so ‘offended’ by my tweets then stop following me. Omg or loosen up. There are your two options! Enough already.” And finally, “Oh and the people writing me how they are momentarily handicapped + offended by what I said – Can I make it up by inviting u to the mall? – lol”

Not funny, Hailey. This is not a laughing matter. Just because Jon decided to go snowboarding with his pals instead of chow down with your fam, doesn’t give you an excuse to act like such a turkey.

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