Jon's Temper Tantrum: He Punishes Twins for Saying “Mommy Is More Fun!”

Tue, November 24, 2009 12:20pm EST by 7 Comments (3) (3)

How shocked were you by John’s cruel behavior to his 9 year-old twins

Cara and Mady on the shocking Jon & Kate season finale, Nov 24? In a frightening “family time” moment with Jon Gosselin and his 8 kids, Jon showed his obvious self-described “immaturity” when he punished his twins for saying they like their mother, Kate Gosselin, who is currently embattled in a divorce from Jon, better. While making signs for a lemonade stand to raise money for volunteer firefighters, Cara and Mady, both 9, were fighting over markers.

At one point one of the twins said, “I like the stuff we do with mommy better,” and an infuriated Jon ordered both of them to stop coloring and go inside.  “I’m throwing your posters in the garbage and you’ll stay home with a baby-sitter while the rest of us go sell lemonade”, he threatened the stunned and crying little girls. As the two tearful twins were banished to the house, Jon gathered up the sextuplets and took them to sell lemonade while the paparazzi swarmed around!

Jon’s behavior is “wrong”, says Beverly Hills psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman. “He’s throwing a temper tantrum — he’s regressing and acting like a four or five-year-old  who wants to get his way all the time and in the end he’s going to lose his children’s love.” Adds Lieberman, “Jon’s actually been regressing for months ever since the separation — acting out against Kate by having sex with other women, taking money from Kate’s account. The twins are old enough to know that Daddy is cheating, so of course they want to be with their mother!”

“Jon’s actions will also have the effect of making the children think that the mother really IS more fun, which will then destroy the relationship with the father,” agrees psychologist Dr. David Eigen.

This was TLC’s final episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 — the last show they taped before Jon decided that the show was bad for his kids.  While has Jon admitted, “I’ve learned I’ve gotta stop being a kid … I gotta grow up one day and take responsibility.  [After the split from Kate] I felt like I was free.” He has to do more than admit that he needs to grow up … he needs to IMMEDIATELY do that! Berating his nine-year-old little girls for basically being upset about their family’s disintegration — a completely normal reaction —  is immature and cruel!

It’s time for Jon to do more than bring roses to Kate during a mediation meeting. It’s time for him to put his children’s needs ahead of his own anger at Kate and his desire to experiment sexually.

As for Kate, she’s actually being remarkably mature about the whole situation despite the lemonade incident. In the same finale, she said, “He’s still their dad and I will never prevent him from spending time with them,” but added, at one point, “I do worry about his intentions [when he takes the kids out]. Is this a publicity stunt? I don’t want them caught up in that.”

Couldn’t agree with you more, Kate! —Bonnie Fuller

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Posted at 1:53 PM on November 25, 2009  

well just because the twins said that his mother was more fun doesnt mean he would have to punish them!would u like it if ur friends daughter said that his mom was more fun than their dad and u see him hitting their own child!!!!that would be really horrible!

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Posted at 10:23 AM on November 25, 2009  

Geez the public is so gullible. TLC edits everything. And I’m sure since he put a halt to their “little” money making show, they intentionally tried to make him look bad. LOL, u ppl crack me up.

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Posted at 5:18 AM on November 25, 2009  

I would agree that Jon could have handled things better. BUT, the twins are spoiled brats that whine WAY too much. I have watched the show for several seasons. Anytime they don’t get their way, they throw temper tantrums. They need some discipline in their lives, especially now.

It’s so strange how this family, that we don’t even know, has become so polarizing for the viewers. I don’t think we should have to take sides. I used to be a fan of Jon’s just because I thought Kate was so horrible to him. It reminded me of my family. But, in this week’s “Kate: Her Story”, she finally won me over as a fan. I like them both for very different reasons and wish them all the best to get through this as easily as possible, with as little pain as possible.

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Posted at 7:23 PM on November 24, 2009  

Agree with Bonnie, Wendy Loo and sandpo. Jon worries me. It looks like supervised visits might not be a bad idea for him unless he gets it together. As Kate said last night, once you have kids, your life is them. He has eight little faces to think about and that is the best thing he has ever done in his entire life. I was really a kids fan from the beginning, but was pro team Jon at first when things went bad, because I thougnt he was this great Dad who did everything for them and was treated mean so he takes off. But what is up with him now? As Kate said, What happened to that Jon that was their Dad? Does anyone close to him now worry about what he is doing to himself? Can his Mom get thru to him? So sad.

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Posted at 6:01 PM on November 24, 2009  

Jon really reacted badly and the twins didn’t know what had hit them. The most telling thing on the show was the number of times Jon said “I”. I need, I am, I want, I should. Later in the show, Jon was whining about having to stay at the lemonade stand while the firemen showed the children the equipment. Jon whined, “They get to have all the fun while I’m stuck here”. And one couldn’t help but notice his slovenly appearance, especially the t-shirt that said, “Lies, lies, lies” all over it. What a loser!

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Posted at 4:53 PM on November 24, 2009  

Sorry to tell you bethann88 but you are wrong in my opinion because unless you were watching a different show then you cant honestly believe they were brats. He only got upset and told them that they were not going when one of the twins said I like what we do with mommy best. So you need to come off your high horse. They are kids of course they are going to argue over markers. They have done it before. He threw his tantrum because he is an over grown child that is selfish and to worried about his self image to care about how he makes his children feel. He shouldnt even be allowed to see those kids if you ask me because unless he can make some kind of public crap to get in the paper he makes them sit at home with a baby sitter while he is outside on his cell phone with his new flavor of the week.

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Posted at 2:51 PM on November 24, 2009  

Jon punished the children because they were whining and did not want to participate in selling lemonaide. It had nothing to do with their comment. The children are brats and do not care about others. The children are just like their mother.

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