Adam Lambert Cancelled! Too “Controversial” for “GMA”! See Him Live on CBS Tomorrow! Exclusive Confirmations!

Tue, November 24, 2009 12:57pm EST by 9 Comments
Adam Lambert Cancelled! Too “Controversial” for “GMA”! See Him Live on CBS Tomorrow! Exclusive Confirmations!


Adam Lambert‘s raunchy, crotch-grabbing, oral-sex-simulating performance on the Nov. 22 American Music Awards, has proven too much for the producers of Good Morning America. The racy American Idol runner-up’s highly anticipated appearance on the morning show has just been cancelled. “Given his controversial live performance on the AMAs, we were concerned about airing a similar performance so early in the morning,” an ABC news spokesperson told exclusively.

An insider tells, “His performance was simply not appropriate for morning television; he has appeared on ABC many times before. He even came out on 20/20. Even so, this was not a hard decision [for ABC].”

And we’ve learned first that CBS’ Early Show has booked Lambert for tomorrow and Adam will be performing live on the show. Another TV insider tells us NBC’s Today show would be “interested in having Lambert on this week.” Fridays are traditionally Today‘s big music mornings and you might see him live there, too!

ABC has already taken considerable heat for Lambert’s shocking and impromptu performance — they’ve received over 1500 complaints, which the network has termed “a moderate response.” However, the Parents Television Council, a TV watchdog group, was hopping mad about Adam’s performance and issued a statement to in which they slammed ABC for being “tasteless” and “vulgar,” for letting Adam simulate oral sex and bondage. “American teenagers — and especially teenage girls — are literally under siege by the entertainment media. It is outrageous that children today cannot watch a televised awards program.”

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[…] Television Council. And the backlash continued, as ABC’s “Good Morning America” canceled one of Adam’s scheduled concerts. In response to the entire ordeal, Adam told CBS’ […]

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Posted at 4:16 PM on November 25, 2009  

It all Started with Elvis people. Or have you all forgotten the disgusting hip gyrations and pelvic thrusts that put all of the parents in america in an uproar and made religious organizations try to ban him for his perverseness. Then we got the Beatles, and who can forget Madonna and all her sexual stage acts, plus Michael Jackson and his crotch grabbing woman’s underwear wearing stage shows. And yes these acts were all done on the same awards shows and stage appearances. But for some of you it’s ok cause these people were so called straight. This guy is gay so lets crucify him. Anyone complaining about this but never saying anything about all the others before him are bunch of hypocrites. Your kids shouldn’t be watching awards shows any way. I would never let my little watching anything that wasn’t Nickelodeon based until they are of an age that I can explain things to them. Stop letting your T.V be the parent and do your job.

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Posted at 8:02 PM on November 24, 2009  

Disney is an owner of ABC Television Group, with most of its veiwers to be ‘young’ adults, much of the reason the ‘Parents watchdogs’ are pissed.
Adam Lambert is a versatile performer, regardless. Producers for the AMA’s are the ones to blame, allowing the simulated sex act on national TV. That’s right J Underwood, the ABC execs are just agreeing to ‘raunch’ and racy without calling in the Neilson ratings.
Adam Lambert is an excellence singer, if he’s not careful and does not change his management, he will be history.

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Posted at 4:09 PM on November 24, 2009  

The fact that other networks are linging up to book him disgusts me even more. At the end of the day it’s about ratings and ratings = MONEY!

I too was very distrubed that ABC said the complaints they received Monday were “moderate.” These networks need to know that we as parents will not stand for this kind of television. We have to tune out and boycott them period.

I was left feeling nauseated and utterly disgusted at what I saw Sunday night. My kids were already in the bed when he performed – thank god! Pretty soon there will be no need for cable or HBO or Showtime because regular tv is willing to show any and everything.

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Posted at 3:57 PM on November 24, 2009  

I’m a 33 year old dad of 2 small boys. I’ve NEVER responded to a blog or article before and i’m not easily disturbed or shocked… I AM SO @@%!@# pissed, in fact, I’m still boiling from what I saw on Sunday night.

My boys almost walked into the room while it was on and we were able to tackle them before they came in… As a parent I’m so off my rocker right now because of how loose things are becoming. There was a collective groan and dry heave around the room.

I seriously don’t complain like this but this time around i’m so pissed right now… more for the fact that there’s nothing we can do.

ABC states “it was a moderate response to it” MODERATE? Your telling me that ABC can give a friggin rip until someone complains?

THE morning show cancels but reschedules? THEY DIDN’T cancel.. CANCEL THE thing altogether and then it’s story worth talking about and clapping over.


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Posted at 3:51 PM on November 24, 2009  

When you have artists who are all about shock value and going all out with no regard for who is watching them you HAVE to make the decision for your viewers and your company as to whether or not you want that kind of person on your show and the back lash that can come from it. Morning television is not the place to show case what Adam Lambert is trying to do.

How can you be so sure that he’s going to “tone it down” because of being on morning television? Adam Lambert is about making a name for himself and he proved on the AMA’s that he’s willing to do any and everything to hang on to his 15 minutes of fame and be more than the American Idol who didn’t win!

Finally – he had no comment for the outraged parents whose kids watched him simulate oral sex and tongue down a man! Believe me had most of these parents had known he was going to do these things they wouldn’t have tuned in!!

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Posted at 3:20 PM on November 24, 2009  

I applaud ABC for taking him off the air. His performance was a disgrace for prime time television. He should be on MTV or the Playboy/girl channel.

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Posted at 2:26 PM on November 24, 2009  

This article states, “not appropriate for morning television”. Who thinks that this is appropriate for ANY television? It was bad enough that his performance was so disgusting but the guy has a terrible voice, he sounded horrible. The Early Show just gave me one more reason to NEVER watch their show!

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J Underwood

Posted at 1:18 PM on November 24, 2009  

Have the execs at ABC lost their collective mind? Anyone who has seen Adam knows he is the most versatile performer. I’m sure he would have toned it down for a morning show. On the Meaning of Adam Lambert has a must-read, spot-on and piss-in-your-pants hilarious takedown of the hypocrites. An excerpt:

“Just how are M&M* and his ilk supposed to maintain their lucrative position atop the “Dangerous Angry Young Man” (DAYM) hierarchy, when this poseur comes along, subversively groomed, suited, booted and accessorized. “You’ve got to be f***in’ me – he’s gay! He wears eyeliner – like a h**! You can hear each word, his diction is so perfect and he only grabs his crotch once in a while, not for the entire performance and not a single bleep-worthy lyric! The old DAYMs are at a total loss for words. His pretty face is on the WANTED poster at the f***in’ post office!!”

For the full analysis, check out “Adam hits the Trifecta! – Bad, Bans and Boycotts: As Madonna Generation calls for Adam Boycott”

* Yes, Xena knows how to spell his name correctly, but she’s having fun!

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