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Exclusive: Is Kate Forcing Jon To Be A Deadbeat Dad?

Mon, November 23, 2009 4:50pm EDT by Chloe Melas Add first Comment


Kate we understand you’re disgusted by Jon’s reprehensible behavior but he is the father to your eight little Gosselin’s. We know Jon ditched and headed to Maui for ten days of surfing with his moobies hanging out for all to see — but he hasn’t seen the kids since Nov. 7  — that’s 17 days and counting!

We were told by a close family friend of yours that Jon asked if he could stop by and see the kids Sunday Nov. 17 but you said No?! That seems a little harsh don’t you think?

“I believe it can have a very negative effect to not see their dad for 17 days given there is a climate of confusion and anger to begin with based on the ongoing divorce,” says Jeff Gardere, a child and family psychologist.

It’s harder for the older ones especially because, “They will interpret that conflict between mother and father as spilling over to them and make them feel more guilty. Make them feel they are the cause of the conflict between their mother and father. Number two they may begin to develop anger toward their mother for not allowing their father to see them,” says Jeff.

We agree, the children are probably really confused with all of this bouncing back and forth, “It’s different than a father going on a business trip. They’re probably wondering when Jon will be back and psychologically their problems are being exaserbated,” Jeff confesses.

Kate, we heard you guys sorted out your differences at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Pa, Nov 16th that’s the day before he asked about visiting the kids. Jon even brought you a dozen roses as an attempt to smooth things over.

We know Jon is no where near Father of the Year but can’t he just stop by? — Chloe Melas