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Twilight Fans To Move Critics: Bite Us, Suckers!

Fri, November 20, 2009 9:31pm EDT by Chloe Melas Add first Comment


HollywoodLife has been at several screenings and we can report that despite cranky critical opinion, theatergoers are loving, loving, loving the second cinematic installment in the Twilight series.’s special correspondent Delaina Dixon — aka TV DivaGal — and HollywoodLifers Lindsey and Lauren were on the scene for every minute of New Moon midnight mania.

Want proof? Here’s some genuine crowd reaction during the midnight screenings in NYC Thursday.

• Every single girl hollered and clapped when their dream man, Edward Cullen, (aka Robert Pattinson) came onscreen!
Taylor Lautner blew everyone away when he showed off his buff new bod. The ladies were definitely “howling” when Jacob whipped off his shirt. “Give me some of that!” one female audience member screamed!
• Fans were taking pictures of the title credits!
• The audience screamed and gasped during a scene where Jacob climbed the trellis to Bella’s bedroom!
• During the final confrontation between Edward and Jacob, one gal put her head in her hands as Jacob ran away after being scolded by Bella!

We caught up with some audience members after the show, and, well, there’s no doubt about it -– New Moon is a surefire hit.

“Oh my God,” gasped Kaitlyn Thompson, 23. “The movie was everything that I imagined it would be. It was definitely for the fans all right. All the important parts were in it.” Added Emily Sanchez, 17, “I thought it was really funny. A lot of great moments come from Taylor; his performance was awesome.” Summed up Melanie Rivera, 26, “Kristen’s action was way better in this one [than Twilight]. She really did capture Bella’s emotions from the book. I’m very, very happy with this movie.”

The people have spoken! Suck on that, critics.

by Delaina Dixon with Lindsey DiMattina and Lauren Young