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Do You Want To Be Famous? Do Read Heidi & Spencer's “How to Be Famous” Guide — Bonnie's Take!

Wed, November 18, 2009 10:49am EDT by Bonnie Fuller 1 Comment


They’re famous and they don’t care if you think they’re shameless!

Seriously, if you want to be famous — you should tear through this hilariously self-actualized easy read! You may love or hate Speidi, but there’s NO DENYING – they have made themselves SUPERFAMOUS! And they absolutely  could give a … if they break all the normal rules that celebs usually stick by, i.e., hiring a phalanx of agents and publicists whose job it is to keep them from being “overexposed”! Heidi and Spencer have been fabulously successful at being fabulously OVEREXPOSED and STILL FAMOUS!

Here’s what Speidi wants you to know: DO have plastic surgery and DO talk about it! DO be outrageous! DO make friends with the paparazzi! and DON’T be afraid to be evil. In fact, PICK AN ENEMY — someone close to you — like your wife’s best friend or even your sister, writes Spencer. Enemies equal drama and DRAMA leads to attention and attention equals FAME!

Listen, it worked for Speidi! and by the way, Speidi isn’t on Team Edward or Jacob because, says Spencer to us, “I’m Team Spencer and I’m Team Heidi, and I’m going to suck her blood.”

So suck it up if you want fame and fortune — I did today!! And Spencer, thanks for your autographed book!

—Bonnie Fuller