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Sarah Palin: Prepare to Have a Heart Attack over Levi's First Released Nudie Pic! — Bonnie's Take

Tue, November 17, 2009 3:34pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 1 Comment

111709_levi_palin_3split_Levi  Johnstontalk about perfect timing. Perfect timing, that is, if you want to to freak out your former first fiance-mom-in-law Sarah Palin, who is on her big bus tour, prom-oing her bestseller- Going Rogue. Playgirl released the first teaser post of his nude tho apparently, not full-frontal shoot -his morning but lucky for you,  at least it was after your appearance on GMA. It’s up on Huffington Post and Levi does look handsome in black and white with his newly muscled hardbody in view. Listen Sarah, you can’t stop Levi’s nudie photo shoot now, it’s a done deal but if you want to stop Mr. Johnston from being a perennial thorn in your and Bristol’s sides —you have to bring him back into the family fold. I’ve said this before — YOU ARE the adult! He’s just 19 — a kid, and he’s angry and doing everything he can to get your attention. You may claim, as you did on “Good Morning America,” that Levi has “nothing” on you … but my guess is that — he has lots. It’s normal. Family always has stuff on family.

You can still Palinize him if you pour on some understanding. Remember Ronald Reagan and daughter Patti Davis? She dissed her Presidential parents big time, but they managed to bring her back into the fold. So do it Sarah. But in the meantime, prepare for more heart attacks. Click here to see Levi Johnston’s first Playgirl pic.

Should Sarah forgive Levi for his public striptease? Would YOU?

—Bonnie Fuller