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Desperate Housewives Mystery! Who's The Killer?

Mon, November 16, 2009 7:04am EDT by 1 Comment


The Fairview Strangler struck again last night!

In the final few moments of the episode, he (or she) entered a local coffee shop and choked the life out of an unsuspecting barista. This brings the total body count up to two — Julie Mayer (Andrea Bowden) was attacked in the season premiere — and you can bet it won’t stop there! So who’s the killer? We’ve narrowed it down to the most likely suspects.

The Suspects:

  1. Nick Bolen: The writers certainly want you to think that new neighbor Nick is the Fairview Strangler. He’s been linked to both of the victims — he had an affair with Julie, and the barista overheard him making a shady phone call before she met her untimely end — and his mysterious past is constantly the topic of suspicion. But Nick may be too obvious a choice.
  2. Angie Bolen: No one suspects the housewife, but in this case you kind of have to. Her conversation with Orson last night about not wanting to know about an unfaithful spouse for fear of uncontrollable vengeance was definitely an eyebrow raiser. She knew her husband was having an affair with Julie — and who was the first person to get strangled? Julie!
  3. Orson Hodge: Because everybody loves a good curve ball, let’s take a look at Bree’s off-kilter husband, Orson. He didn’t seem to have any motive for attacking either of the women (that we know of) but he does have a history of bizarre criminal behavior. Don’t forget the time he ran over Mike Delfino (James Denton), or his brief stint as a cat burglar last season. Plus he sleep walks! He may be the killer and not even know it.

— Andy Swift