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Cindy Crawford — Here's How to Never Hire a Horror Nanny Again!

Sun, November 15, 2009 8:18pm EDT by Add first Comment

Mike/Fame Pictures

So what should Cindy, you or I do next time we hire a nanny?

Says iVillage’s Liz Zack — google to find an agency that does many background checks. Ask your potential hires for her social security number and drivers license. Check her criminal record, driving record, and debt record. If she has a boyfriend or husband — you could ask to check their info too.

For more info from iVillage’s experts about whether it’s time for you to axe your nanny, check this out. And for more info on picking the best child-care option for you, see the iVillage guide.

“If someone declines to give you info, forget them,” insists Zack. I agree.

And Cindy, speaking for all Hollywoodlife BFF’s, we know you would never willingly put your daughter in danger. Points out Zack, “On a totally personal level, it’s terrifying and adds to every working mom’s guilt.”

Tell me — have you ever had a nanny nightmare? Post your comments below.

Bonnie Fuller